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Enterprise Training Programs

We empower property managers and their employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the vacation rental industry. Our training programs cover all the essential areas from a practical perspective: Growth, OTA’s, Revenue, Operations and many others.

Technology Advisory

Stay at the forefront of the industry with cutting-edge technology solutions. We offer guidance on selecting and implementing the right tools for your business, including Channel+PMS systems and revenue management tools to streamline your operations, increase your profitability and drive long-term success.

Annual VR Congress

The first event made by and for property managers with one thing in mind: delivering practical solutions to PMs. Join us at our annual VR Congress, where industry leaders and experts gather to share knowledge, technology analysis, success stories, insights and explore the latest trends in the vacation rental industry.

Who we are

We are an International Consulting firm specialized in Technology and Vacation Rentals Business.

We are experts in the analysis and adaptation of current technology to different business models in different countries or regions of the world.
We manage to simplify the complex and make it work.


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Training Programs

Our Vacation Rental Partners

We recommend you the best technologies and practices to get the most out of your business.



Transparency is our core. We value open communication and integrity in all interactions. Trust us to deliver reliable expertise, empowering your VR. Welcome to a partnership built on transparency and trust.


We are committed to delivering top-notch services and training that exceed expectations. We help VR management companies achieve excellence and stand out in a competitive landscape.”


With integrity as our guiding principle, we prioritize unwavering ethics and honesty. Our dedication to transparency and trust forms the foundation of lasting relationships with our clients.

Customer Oriented

By understanding your unique challenges, we deliver exceptional value and support. With you as our priority, we strive to empower your success in the VR management industry.

Why choose us

Our team has extensive global industry knowledge with more than 10 years of experience.

We understand how diverse and complex the industry is, and we have the tools and resources to navigate and support the industry’s key needs.

We are a multidisciplinary and multilingual team formed by professionals with extensive experience in different global companies.

We have a wide and long network of professional contacts in more than 32 countries with ramifications in the vacation rental and technology industry.


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