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Master VR is a consulting company whose main mission is to train and advise professional property managers on the vacation rental business.
In order to develop our work, we have established a network of contacts and partnerships within the industry. Contacts that favor the exchange of visions and knowledge.

Our partners have been chosen for their special importance in the sector, as well as for their company culture (customer service oriented).

With them, we work together to develop and define the best industry standards and best practices that allow the sector to evolve and grow in a sustainable way.

Collaboration between the main players in the sector guarantees quality of service and product.

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AvaiBook by Idealista

Proprty Management System
by Idealista / Spain / Europe
AvaiBook is a comprehensive property management system designed to streamline the operations of holiday rentals and other accommodations. It offers an array of features including real-time booking management, centralized reservations, secure online payments, and channel manager functionality that connects property listings to multiple online travel agencies. Aimed at simplifying the lives of property owners and managers, AvaiBook also includes guest communication tools and customizable booking engines that can be integrated with your website. The platform aims to centralize all the tasks involved in property management, making it a one-stop solution for small to medium-sized property businesses.
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Operto Guest Technologies / Electronic Locks / Operations Cleaning and Maintenance / Vancouver / Canada
Operto is a property automation system that offers smart technology solutions for vacation rentals, hotels, and other accommodation providers. Through the integration of smart locks, thermostats, and sensors, Operto aims to enhance guest experience by providing keyless entry, optimized climate control, and real-time monitoring of properties. This not only streamlines operations for property managers but also adds a layer of convenience and security for guests. Operto's platform is designed to be easy-to-use, scalable, and compatible with various property management systems, making it a versatile choice for those in the hospitality industry.

Protect Group

Event Cancellation Protection and Refund Protection / San Atnonio / Texas / USA
Protect Group is a global provider of Membership Programmes providing Event Cancellation Protection and Refund Protection to Ticket Agents, Events, Platforms, Venues, Sports Teams, and Travel Companies.

Marquina Lack Consultores

Consulting Company / Miami / Florida / USA
Marquina Lack Consultores is a consulting firm that specializes in various industry sectors. The consultancy could offer a range of services such as business strategy, digital transformation, and risk management, designed to help organizations optimize performance and achieve their goals. Leveraging a team of experts, Marquina Lack Consultores could combine industry knowledge, data analytics, and practical experience to deliver tailored solutions that meet each client's specific needs. Please note that the description is generic due to the absence of official information.


Property Management System Delaware / USA
Hostify is a leading software company dedicated to simplifying property management for vacation rental hosts. Our innovative platform streamlines operations, enhances guest experiences, and maximizes profitability, making property management effortless and efficient. Join us in transforming the way you manage your rental properties.


Cleaning and Operations Software / Singapore
Doinn is a technology platform designed to automate and streamline operations for vacation rental property managers and hosts. The platform offers an array of services such as cleaning, laundry, and check-in/check-out management by connecting users to a network of local service providers. Designed to simplify the time-consuming operational tasks associated with short-term rentals, Doinn aims to enhance guest experience while optimizing costs and efficiency for property managers. Through its easy-to-use interface, it integrates with other property management systems, making it a one-stop-shop for end-to-end short-term rental management.


Electronic Locks / Warsaw / Poland / Europe
tedee is a brand known for its smart locks that aim to revolutionize home security. The tedee lock integrates seamlessly with existing door mechanisms and allows users to lock and unlock their doors using a smartphone app, key fob, or even voice commands through smart home systems. With features like remote access, shareable digital keys, and real-time activity logs, it offers convenience without compromising security. Its sleek design, ease of installation, and compatibility with multiple smart home ecosystems make it a versatile choice for those looking to upgrade their home security with modern technology.
Valentin Abogados

Valentín Abogados

Law Firm Tourism Specialist / Gran Canaria / Ilas Canarias / Spain
Valentin Abogados offer legal services in various areas of law, such as Tourism law, commercial, real estate, family, and civil litigation. They often focus on providing high-quality, personalized legal solutions to both individual and corporate clients. Equipped with a team of specialized attorneys, they leverage local and international legal expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. The firm would likely prioritize integrity, client satisfaction, and innovation in its practice.

Graciani Asesores

A team of highly experienced and qualified advisors and lawyers will always provide you with the right answers to any of your queries or needs in the areas of tax, legal and accounting advice / Málaga / Spain
Graciani Asesores y Abogados is a firm that has tax advisors, economists, financial analysts and lawyers who combine experience and knowledge to help you in your legal, tax and commercial obligations. Therefore, we have a multidisciplinary team that offers integral solutions for our clients. For us all our clients enjoy the same importance, so we give a direct and personalized service, both to individuals and self-employed as well as SMEs. As specialists in the real estate and tourism field, our experts are permanently updated in the corresponding legislation, so we always keep our clients informed of the latest developments in the aspects that are within their competence.
Jurmny-logo copia


One-Stop Property Management solution to take your short term rental operation to the next level. Every solution you need all-in-one place. / CA / USA
Co-Founded in 2019 by Luca Zambello, Jurny is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the hospitality industry by making AI, automation and other complex technologies easily accessible and manageable. Before Jurny, Luca and his team managed a hospitality company responsible for over 300 units across five major US cities. It was during this time that they experienced firsthand the challenges and inefficiencies presented by the fragmented ecosystem within the hospitality industry. Driven by a passion for innovation and a determination to find a comprehensive solution, they decided to close their management company and fully devote their time and resources to the development of a groundbreaking software. Jurny was born out of this desire to create a powerful, easy-to-use tool that would address the challenges faced by hospitality businesses, from small single Airbnb management companies, boutique hotels to large scale vacation rental companies. Our platform harnesses the power of AI and automation to simplify daily tasks, optimize resources, and streamline operations, ultimately leading to enhanced guest experiences and increased revenue for our clients. Jurny is proud to be venture-backed by leading firms such as Mucker Capital, Okapi Venture Capital, Vitalize VC, SaaS Ventures, and Singularity Capital. Since our inception, Jurny has successfully raised over $12 million in capital to fuel our growth and innovation. Jurny was also featured as a leader in major publication such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur and Skift. Join us on our journey to transform the hospitality industry and unlock the full potential of AI-driven automation.


PriceLabs is a company that provides dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions for vacation rental properties. / CHICAGO / IL / USA
PriceLabs offers software tools and algorithms that help property owners and managers optimize their rental pricing based on various factors such as seasonality, demand, local events, and market conditions. By using PriceLabs, hosts can potentially increase their revenue by adjusting their rental rates to match market trends and maximize occupancy.


Hospiria’s mission is to help property managers and portfolio owners thrive in the short-term rentals market. / LONDONM / UK
We do this by providing a single, simple technology to market, distribute and manage bookings as well as provide the tools for operational efficiencies for our partners. Together we deliver professional short term stays to guests all over the world.
modo smart logo

Modo Smart

The mission of Modo Smart Technologies is to offer intelligent products that save energy and make better use of energy resources / PALMA DE MALLORCA / SPAIN
The new remote control for vacation home air conditioning. Saves owners and property managers money, time and effort.


Vikey's mission is to offer high quality technological products for the unattended management of tourist accommodations through intelligent locks for apartments and access to homes. They incorporate a Check in system with the system compatible with the legal requirements of several EU countries./ ROME / ITALY
Electronic locks and automated access to tourist accommodations to facilitate guest check-in without the need to travel to the accommodations.


The main mission of sustonica is to help tourist accommodation management companies to develop a sustainable activity. / BARCELONA / SPAIN
Sustonica is a company that certifies with a badge companies that practice responsible and sustainable management. They accompany companies in the transition towards sustainability.

Bi Lemon

BiLemon's mission is to stand as the exclusive provider in the short-term rental industry, offering property managers a unique business intelligence tool for comprehensive profitability analysis at both the company and unit levels./BARCELONA / SPAIN
BiLemon is the only solution in the Vacation Rental that allows Property Managers to focus on Profitability, thanks to the integration between costs and revenue data. The paradigm had shifted from growth at all costs to profitability and sustainability


Polaroo's mission is to offer the only All-in-One solution to manage the basic supplies of vacation rental companies. Simplifying the operation of the basic supplies of its customers (Water, Electricity, Gas, Telephony and Internet), providing savings in costs and management time, while providing them with greater visibility on consumption and better forecasting of expenses. /BARCELONA / SPAIN
Polaroo is the only solution in the Vacation Rental market that allows Property Managers to group and control month by month all expenses related to consumption.
usewheelhouse_logo (1)


Wheelhouse's mission is to position itself in Europe as a benchmark in the world of Revenue management and professional price management / MARBELLA / SPAIN
Wheelhouse utiliza algoritmos avanzados y datos en tiempo real para analizar factores como la demanda del mercado, eventos locales y la disponibilidad de la competencia. Con esta información, la plataforma recomienda estrategias de precios personalizadas para maximizar los ingresos y la ocupación.


LUGGit's mission is to provide pick-up, storage and delivery of luggage at the place and time required by the client in the main tourist destinations in Europe../ BARCELONA / SPAIN
LUGGit takes care of all the luggage so that travelers can enjoy their vacations without worries. They have very competitive rates and discounts for volume of business. They have an APP where the customer schedules the collection at a time and place, igualmetne for delivery everything is programmed through the App.


Chekin's mission is to provide the best automatic guest registration for your tourist accommodation / SEVILLE / SPAIN
Chekin is a software integrated in a large number of PMS that allows to automate the entire check-in process, from booking confirmation to check-out. Guests can add their data in a simple online form that they will receive automatically when the reservation is confirmed. It can also be done in person by scanning each guest's data.
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Baintex's mission is to provide smart locks with a software layer that allows the locks to provide important information in real time / VALENCIA / SPAIN
Baintex has compact and robust locks designed specifically for vacation rentals. With diverse functionality and 100% online connected, Baintex locks offer the benefits of hardware with state-of-the-art software.
Logo Charge Automation

Charge Automation

Charge Automation is a leading global company recognized for its pre-arrival guest experience automation solutions, including management of reservation deposits, balances, damage deposits, and upselling services./ CANADA
The Charge Automation platform offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to manage the entire flow of the guest experience, from contactless check-in, automated payment collection, security deposit collection, upselling software, chargeback fraud protection, and the creation of customized digital guides and guest apps. It supports more than 120 payment gateways and offers integration with a wide range of property management systems (PMS).
Logo Travel


TravelStaytion is a vacation rental platform, emphasizing professionally managed properties owned entirely by verified property managers / LONDON /UNITED KINGDOM.
The platform offers services such as reception, which provides assistance in case of emergency, luggage storage and concierge services, among others. The platform promotes convenience and flexibility through payment options, which allow booking costs to be split in up to four installments or shared among friends or family. With more than 85,000 properties in over 650 destinations around the world, TravelStaytion aims to meet different accommodation needs while ensuring a high-quality guest experience.