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20 ideas to make your Vacation Rental accommodations more sustainable.

How many of these measures do you meet?

Solar energy
  1. Install solar panels on the roof to generate electricity and heat water.
LED lighting​

2. Replaces conventional bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights.

Efficient heating and cooling systems

3. Utilize energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

Thermal insulation

4. Improves the insulation of walls and windows to conserve the interior temperature.

Rainwater harvesting

5. Install a system to collect and reuse rainwater.

Efficient appliances

6. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient models.

Low-flow faucets​

7. Replace faucets and taps with water-saving models.

Sustainable furnishings

8. Choose furniture made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.


9. Promote composting of organic waste to reduce waste.

Recycling systems

10Implement an effective recycling system for guests

Local sourcing

 11. Offer local and organic products in food service.

Electric bicycles

12. Provide electric bicycles as a transportation option for guests.

Water saving program

13. Promotes responsible water use through signage and tips.

Energy management system

14. Use technology to monitor and control energy consumption.

Electric vehicle charging

15. If possible, install charging stations for electric cars.

Sustainable gardens

16. Create a garden with native plants that are resistant to the local climate.

Green cleaning products

17. Use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.

Guest education

18. Provide information on sustainable practices and how to contribute.

Carbon offset program

19. Offers guests the option to offset their carbon footprint.

Sustainable certifications

20. Seek to obtain recognized sustainability certifications for your properties.