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Silas Dias is a dynamic business professional who brings a wealth of experience to his current role as a Business Development Manager for Master VR in Brazil and Portugal. With a background that spans across several sectors, he is well-versed in navigating the complexities of various businesses, making him a true asset in any corporate setting.

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Before joining Master VR, Silas honed his management skills in diverse industries. His journey began at Green cab Brazil, where he facilitated the expansion of the private and contracted driver transportation sector. He furthered his expertise at Riviera Host and Boat Service – Serviços Nauticos, managing technical and commercial services and overseeing maintenance processes and equipment improvements.

However, it is in his role at Master VR where Silas truly shines. His work focuses on prospecting the Brazilian and Portuguese market.

Silas’s educational background in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from Estácio has undoubtedly contributed to his professional success. His systematic and organized approach, along with his knack for task delegation, and excellent follow-up techniques have set him apart as a leader.

But what truly distinguishes Silas is his commitment to ethical negotiations and maintaining clear and direct communication. His diligent market research and relentless pursuit of quality and commitment to his clients bears testimony to his dedication, making him not just a valued professional, but also an asset to any team.

In conclusion, Silas Dias embodies the spirit of modern business development – a blend of technological know-how, management acumen, and unwavering ethics. His professional journey is not just a testament to his individual capabilities, but also a blueprint for upcoming professionals in the industry.

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