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Business Growth

Taking this Enterprise Training you will...

Increase your occupancy

70% of tourists prefer sustainable accommodation. ( 2019) Through energy efficiency, saving water and energy, among other actions, the costs related to energy consumption and maintenance will drop. In the process, you help the sustainability of your business and the planet.

Improve your positioning in OTAs

OTAs such as Booking, Agoda, HotelBeds, Ecohotels, and others are prioritizing visibility in exchange for social and environmental commitment.

Improve the corporate structure

Improve the corporate structure of your company by getting your employees involved positively.

Evaluate your current impact

Evaluate your environmental impact and learn how to minimize it, optimizing costs and polluting much less. These are the advantages of knowing precisely the environmental impact of your business activity.

Spend less get much more

By measuring spending and optimizing its efficiency, the profitability of your business will rise exponentially. Do not miss this opportunity where we all win.

Reduction of costs and optimization of resources

By applying sustainable protocols, you will guarantee the reduction of electric costs, water, etc...

Who can benefit from the Enterprise Training?


  • The Sustainability program is a specific introductory training to sustainability in tourism, especially for companies dedicated to vacation rentals.

  • This training lessons are for companies or vacation rental agencies that want to transition to sustainability or are thinking of making changes to their business model. In particular, it aims at those who wish to benefit from applying sustainability standards and protocols since companies such as banks and public and private entities already prioritize those who participate in this highly ambitious agenda.

  • Course participants will explore the main concepts of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 2030 Agenda, and the legal framework that affects the tourism sector.

  • Participants will learn how to conduct a general audit of their current standing in this matter. Once the training is complete, they can prepare to access the certification and make the necessary changes in their business.

Business Growth Program

  • Presentation, course structure and dynamics.
  • Definition and history of vacation rentals
  • Economics and trends of the sector
  • Understanding the demand and competitiveness of your area
  • Short, medium and long stays
  • Owners and their profiles
  • Guests
  • Technology providers
  • Other companies (services to owners and guests)
  • Owner Marketing
  • Sales process with owners
  • Types of agreements
  • CRM usage and integrations
  • Expectations and profitability studies
  • Requirements for owners
  • Referrals
  • Basics: location, typology, price, photos, reviews
  • OTA’s
  • Own channel
  • Technology: Channels and PMS
  • Pricing strategies
  • Seasons, minimum stays, discounts, price pairing
  • Technology: Revenue managers
  • Reservation Management
  • Check-ins
  • Guest experience
  • Check-out
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Settlements
  • Guests
  • Owners
  • Partnerships (B2B)
  • Cross Selling
  • Local regulations
  • Tax regulation

Vacation Rental Experts

Why property managers choose this Enterprise Training?

Joaquín Roca

Master VR LLC has helped me introduce our company to the Vacation Rental Business. His advices and help, have been very useful to us.

Natalia Lairón

Master VR has been a great help for our project. It has been very favourable technical and strategic advice to our interests and expectations.  

Nuria Marina Macia

A first-level professional help and advice, thanks to Master VR we managed to overcome the first stages of our project. We loved working with Master VR.

Dates for the Enterprise Training

Business Growth

October 09, 2023        8:00 am to 6:00 pm         C/ Historiador Diego 3, Valencia, España

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