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Maintenance and cleaning operations

Taking this Enterprise Training you will...

Manage reservations and the pre-check-in process in an automated way.

Create efficient reservation management protocols, from confirmation to check-in.

Cleaning will never be a headache again. Adopt efficient processes.

Cleaning protocols to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality. Using specialized technologies that guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

Evaluate different check-in options and tools and select the most appropriate one.

Evaluate and calculate which are the best protocols and technologies to manage your Check in and Check out processes according to your operations, types of customers, etc.

Achieve an excellent guest experience and boost positive reviews.

Protocols compatible with the level of the company and the expectations generated in the tourist. here we teach you how to maintain a level of customer satisfaction from the first point of contact until their departure.

Learn more about the most useful control devices for tourist homes.

Discover the technologies that make it possible to control the security of properties while respecting the right to privacy and intimacy. Electronic devices that will provide security and control.

Automate settlements and pay your owners sooner.

Efficient, fast and automated settlement processes for owners. Discover the best settlement strategies with owners, and the essential protocols and reports to get the best control over accounts.

Who can benefit from the Enterprise Training?

  1. Professional vacation rental property managers

Maintenance and cleaning Operations Program

  • Introduction to operational management in tourist accommodations
  • Identifying key areas for optimization
  • Use of technology to drive efficiency
  • Processes and automation
  • Available technologies
  • Self check in
  • Electronic locks and technologies
  • In-person check-in
  • Guest experience
  • Additional services
  • Check-out process
  • Quality Control
  • Reviews
  • Cleaning management, processes
  • Checklist
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Supplier Selection
  • Control devices
  • Transparency
  • Automation of payment and settlement processes
  • Revenue tracking and financial reporting

Industry Experts

Why property managers choose this Enterprise Training?

Joaquín Roca

Master VR LLC has helped me introduce our company to the Vacation Rental Business. His advices and help, have been very useful to us.

Natalia Lairón

Master VR has been a great help for our project. It has been very favourable technical and strategic advice to our interests and expectations.  

Nuria Marina Macia

A first-level professional help and advice, thanks to Master VR we managed to overcome the first stages of our project. We loved working with Master VR.

Dates for the Enterprise Training

Maintenance and cleaning Operations Program

October 09, 2023        8:00 am to 6:00 pm         C/ Historiador Diego 3, Valencia, España

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