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Economist and Lawyer. Specialized in tourist accommodation (real estate, tax and tourism law).

Areas of expertise
  • Tourism law
  • Fiscal and Tax Lawyer
  • Real state investment
  • Business coach and consultant



Professional Experience
  • Graciani Asesores
  • AFA 
  • Savings Banks

Álvaro Graciani, an esteemed economist and lawyer whose expertise lies in the intersection of tourist accommodation, real estate, tax, and tourism law. Based in the vibrant city of Málaga, Spain, Graciani’s work is deeply rooted in the complexities of the tourism and real estate sectors, a domain he has navigated with finesse and unwavering commitment.

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As a professional, Graciani’s journey embodies a fascinating blend of economics and law, skillfully dovetailed into a career that spans decades. His proficiency in these two areas has facilitated meticulous understanding of their correlation, particularly in the context of tourist accommodation. This, in turn, has propelled his ascendancy in the field as he continually provides insightful advisories aimed at guiding businesses and individuals through the labyrinth of tourism law and real estate.

Graciani’s impressive career is underscored by his association with Graciani Asesores, where he has played a pivotal role in leveraging his comprehensive understanding of the economic and legal intricacies of the tourist accommodation sector. His nuanced knowledge of tax law has also been instrumental in shaping his advisory role, enabling clients to achieve their financial and strategic objectives within the regulatory frameworks.

But who is Álvaro Graciani beyond his professional accomplishments? He is a solution-oriented individual with an inherent ability to decode complex scenarios and devise effective solutions. His approachable demeanor, coupled with an inherent sense of integrity and dedication, make him not just a trusted advisor, but also a relatable figure within the industry.

Graciani’s work is not merely confined to the realm of business advisories. His endeavors echo a broader resonance, contributing significantly to the dynamism and evolution of the tourist accommodation and real estate sectors. His insights have empowered businesses to better understand the economic landscape, thereby aiding in the development of more sustainable and resilient sectorial models.

In conclusion, Álvaro Graciani embodies a remarkable amalgamation of professional acumen and personal dedication. His work, grounded in legality and economics, has driven tangible change within the sphere of tourist accommodation and real estate. As we navigate the complexities of this domain, Graciani’s expertise proves not only invaluable but also continually pertinent. It is through professionals like him that we see the evolving face of these industries and the potential for future growth.

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+34 667 464 807
Castillo del Inglés, 1, Edif. Santa Clara, Of. El Almirante-29620 Torremolinos

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