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Director of Business Development Protect Group

Areas of expertise
  • Business Development
  • Growth strategy
  • International Markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue Management strategies
  • Dynamic Princing
  • Team Building
  • Business Coach and Advisor
Professional Experience
  • Protect Group
  • HMP Master
  • Tokyo Cinq Revers
  • MHD Asia Hospitality
  • CRew Co LTD

Brentlee Boswell is a dynamic and results-driven professional with a diverse range of experience in the business development and hospitality industry. As the current Director of Business Development at the Protect Group, Brentlee harnesses innovative technology platforms to create commercial and customer advantages for members, helping them mitigate revenue loss, generate new streams, and elevate their brand experience.

Before stepping into his current role, Brentlee was a Solutions Specialist at HMP Master, where he empowered stakeholders with the latest tools and technologies to manage their assets more simply, efficiently, and profitably. His knack for leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance profitability is a testament to his expertise.

Talks about #VacationRental, #Domotics, #electroniclocks, #travelindustry, and #vacationrentals

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