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Head of Business Development @ Holidu | MBA Strategic Sales & Business Development Leader in Tourism | Empowering Teams & Driving Growth | Passionate about Gamification

Areas of expertise
  • Development
  • Growth strategy
  • International Markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue Management strategies
  • Dynamic Princing
  • Team Building
  • Business Coach and Advisor
Professional Experience
  • Holidu
  • Tree Digital
  • Darriens
  • Parque Arauco
  • Mercado

Enrique Planas is a dynamic and innovative figure in the business development landscape. Currently serving as the Head of Business Development at Holidu, he is renowned for his proficiency in redefining business development at an accelerated pace, embodying his personal mantra, “Redefining Bizdev.”

Beginning his educational journey at Dunalastair School, he then attended Universidad Diego Portales to focus on business administration and management. After 10 years in the field, Enrique took his expertise to the next level by obtaining an MBA from ESMT Berlin, a move that facilitated his career transition from Chile to Germany.

Talks about #mentoring, #leadership, #management, #travelindustry, and #vacationrentals

Professionally, Enrique has been at the forefront of various industries. His experience ranges from e-commerce firm to shopping center administration at Mall Plaza. He also co-founded and managed Tree Digital, a successful digital marketing and e-commerce consulting firm.

Internationally, Enrique made his mark during his time at Viajes Falabella, where he led new e-commerce and digital marketing strategies that resulted in a 75% boost in online sales. At Holidu’s southern European markets, his strategic thinking resulted in an astounding 1000% revenue growth over five years.

Today, Enrique manages a team of 15 talented professionals at Holidu. Here, he employs gamification strategies to drive sales and revenue growth and has created training and development programs that led to a 40% increase in sales funnel conversion rates.

Fluent in Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese, Enrique has served as a Key Note Speaker at numerous conferences and summits across Europe and South America. His leadership style is marked by empathy and support, encouraging innovation and team collaboration.

Enrique’s story embodies resilience and a steadfast commitment to growth. Not content with just reaching the top, he aims to elevate the entire business landscape alongside him.

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