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Head of Product & Partnership at Vikey

Areas of expertise
  • Business Development
  • Growth strategy
  • International Markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue Management strategies
  • Dynamic Princing
  • Team Building
  • Business Coach and Advisor
Professional Experience
  • Vikey
  • CVS Roma
  • Tour Virtuale
  • Space Ideas
  • Fondazione Internazionale Accademia Arco

Flavio Veccaro, is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of expertise in tourism, marketing, startup development, and digital transformation. Currently serving as the Head of Product and Partnership at Vikey, a game-changing startup in the travel industry, Flavio leverages his diverse experience to propel organizations into the future of hospitality.

Flavio’s journey began with his passion for tourism, which led him to acquire an impressive educational portfolio, including degrees in Tourism Management from Up level Scuola di Management srl, and Marketing and Event Organization from Università LUMSA. Further honing his understanding of the intersection between tourism, art, culture, and fashion at Sapienza Università di Roma, Flavio mastered the art of weaving all these elements into a cohesive narrative, skillfully driving business growth.

Talks about #VacationRental, #Domotics, #electroniclocks, #travelindustry, and #vacationrentals

His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his founding of and, platforms that aid property managers and marketers using innovative digital strategies. His leadership roles at Space Ideas srl, Fondazione Internazionale Accademia Arco, and Anytime SRL demonstrate his ability to drive team success while fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Flavio’s career is marked by an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, testing, and improvement. He thrives on challenges and does not shy away from divergent career experiences, recognising their value in shaping his unique perspective and diverse skill set.

In his current role at Vikey, Flavio manages sales, working with a dynamic team to develop and implement strategic partnerships. His work at Vikey exemplifies his passion for blending technology with hospitality, creating seamless experiences for hosts and their guests.

Off the professional stage, Flavio is an avid traveller, deriving immense inspiration from his adventures around the world. His dream is to launch a startup that marries tourism and art, serving marketers and the public alike.

Flavio Veccaro’s professional journey is a testament to his commitment to innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering dedication. He embodies the power of embracing diversity in experience and the pursuit of continuous learning. His work continues to redefine the landscape of the travel industry, bringing art, culture, and technology together in innovative ways.

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