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Areas of expertise
  • Business Development
  • Growth strategy
  • International Markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Institutional Partnerships
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Team Building
  • Business Coach and Advisor
Professional Experience
  • Singular Stays
  • BNI GLobal
  • Visit Valencia

Natalia Lairon is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader who has been the driving force behind Singular Stays for more than a decade. Based in the vibrant city of Valencia, Natalia has carved a niche for herself as a leading figure in the hospitality industry, using her strategic vision to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of the sector.

Natalia embarked on her professional journey at the prestigious Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), where she spent six transformative years honing her academic and leadership skills. Her experiences here laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors, setting the stage for her pioneering role at Singular Stays.

I consider myself passionate about international relations, trade development and the internal transformation of companies and projects to be able to export their products and services. I have a deep and sincere vocation of service. I love things well done, and that everyone wins in a deal.

My philosophy of life is Sempre Avanti…

As the CEO of Singular Stays since 2010, Natalia has transformed the company into a beacon of exceptional hospitality experiences. Her leadership has seen Singular Stays evolve from a fledgling start-up to a highly respected brand within the industry, offering unique and personalized stays for discerning travelers. Natalia’s expertise in creating compelling value proposals and her keen understanding of customer needs have been pivotal in driving the company’s success.

Beyond her professional triumphs, Natalia is also known for her resilience, tenacity, and unwavering dedication. Her ability to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities has earned her recognition among her peers and made her a role model within her field.

Natalia’s work is not just about business success; it is a testament to her commitment to offering unparalleled experiences that truly resonate with customers. Her contribution extends beyond Singular Stays, impacting the hospitality industry at large and redefining what it means to provide ‘singular’ experiences.

In conclusion, Natalia Lairon’s story is an inspiring chronicle of entrepreneurial spirit, relentless innovation, and customer-centric leadership. As she continues to chart new territories in the hospitality sphere, she is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and strategic acumen.

contact details

+34 960611111
SingularStays, Pasaje Giner 2 BIS Entresuelo B (Plaza de la Reina 9), 46001 Valencia

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