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Co-Founder and CEO at ModoSmart

Areas of expertise
  • Business Development
  • Growth strategy
  • International Markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue Management strategies
  • Dynamic Princing
  • Team Building
  • Business Coach and Advisor

Professional Experience
  • Modo Smart
  • Inixtion

Walter Colitti: Digital Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Climate Advocate

Allow me to introduce a forward-thinking pioneer in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), Walter Colitti. With a strong foundation in Engineering Sciences, Walter has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable technological solutions. Currently residing in the picturesque island of Mallorca, Spain, he is the co-founder and CEO of ModoSmart S.L., a company committed to promoting intelligent, connected solutions for the smart home.

Talks about #VacationRental, #Domotics, #electroniclocks, #travelindustry, and #vacationrentals

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