Master VR was founded with the purpose to provide excellent service and High quality training to its clients.

We have prepared B2B Master Class for professionals in order to improve employee training and provide new business opportunities for our clients.

We have focused our education in 3 areas:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Available technology to run your Vacation Rental business.

Available Master Training Programs

Training new employees
Marketing and positioning of OTAs
Own sales and distribution channel
PMS + Channel manager
Owners acquisition & management
Bookings management
Check-ins & Check-outs
Consumption control & domotics

About our Training Programs

A training programme designed to introduce your new employees to the vacation rental market, a comprehensive programme that will get your employees productive quickly.

Our industry experts will teach you in a masterly way how to scale and grow sustainably and safely. Applying their knowledge and proven experience.

Learn how to sell and position yourself correctly in the main international OTAS. Our experts will teach you how to prepare your ads and position them strategically to sell more.

If you have your own sales channel (a website) learn how to promote your products and collect more bookings through your own sales channel. With this training you will sell much more through your own sales channel.

Our experts can teach you how to get the best out of your working tools, teach you a method and optimise routines and working protocols with your PMS and Channel Manager. Our experts will train your employees in the use of your PMS and Channel Manager to optimise their time and results.

Learn how to efficiently and productively search for and find new owners willing to collaborate with you on your project. Learn which are the most efficient and productive formulas, about contracts and ways to relate with the owners of your properties.

Learn how to correctly and efficiently handle and manage the revenue produced by your properties. Revenue is a broad and complex subject that requires training and specialisation in order to market and profit from properties. Learn how to become a Revenue expert.

The correct handling and management of reservations is an important factor for your company. There are protocols and ways to handle reservations from the beginning to the check out. Our experts will teach you booking management protocols to be able to manage all your clients’ bookings correctly and flawlessly. Any company aiming for sustainable growth needs robust and solid management protocols.

Maintenance operations and cleaning management are a key cross-cutting factor in the holiday rental business. In this area of management are the keys to providing quality, efficiency, optimisation of resources and regularity in the delivery and reception schedules of the properties. Our experts will teach you protocols and organisational uses so that the operations are the support your business needs and not the hole through which economic and prestige losses are generated.

Two important points in the operation of the Vacation Rental are the Check in and Check out. These two points can define the levels of customer satisfaction and therefore the outcome of the experience. Learn how to manage and optimise these two operations, whether you do them in person or not. Our experts will help you to simplify these two important moments and make the most of them.

The management of technologies, whether for safety, electricity consumption reduction, noise control and other technologies, requires knowledge and coordination. Our experts will share with the students, formulas and available technologies that adapt to different management models and properties. Home automation can help to reduce energy consumption, optimise resources and ensure the safety of your guests and properties.

Sustainability is a key factor in the management and operation of a holiday rental business. Nowadays, it is necessary to adapt our tourist exploitation models in order to make them sustainable and therefore long-lasting over time. Our experts will help you to adopt sustainable measures, compatible with savings and the best management of available resources. Sustainability is already a cornerstone in the future of the sector. The sooner sustainable protocols and measures are implemented, the sooner we will have fulfilled our obligations to the environment and the society in which we do business.

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