Master VR

  • Álvaro Graciani

    Economist and Lawyer Specialized in tourist accommodation (real estate, tax and tourism law
    Álvaro Graciani is an esteemed economist and lawyer whose expertise lies in the intersection of tourist...
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  • Caterina Santuccione

    Head of Sales - Syapay
    Caterina Santuccione is a charismatic and experienced leader in the sales industry, who currently serves...
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  • Steve Davis

    CEO at Operto Guest Technologies
    Steve Davis, a dynamic leader with a profound passion for technology and its transformative power on...
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  • Mike Ortegon

    Introducing Mike Ortegon, a distinguished professional in the global hospitality industry with a rich...
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  • Flavio Veccaro

    Head of Product & Partnership at Vikey
    Flavio Veccaro, a seasoned professional with a unique blend of expertise in tourism, marketing, startup...
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  • Walter Colitti

    Walter Colitti: Digital Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Climate Advocate Walter Colitti. With a strong...
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  • Núria Marina Macia

    IN Global Resolution
    Núria Marina Macia, a reputable business leader with a proven track record in customer service and operations...
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  • Filipa Leitão de Aguiar

    Rent4Rest Founder and CEO
    Filipa Leitão de Aguiar is an exemplary paradigm of diverse expertise and innovative leadership. With...
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